Phillip Ramphisa is One of the Best Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Phillip Ramphisa is an Author, African Personal Development Speaker, Environmental Leadership Coach and one of the Top Motivational Speakers in South Africa.

His goal is to help people achieve their goals in personal life and in business through motivational speaking. As a personal development expert, life coach and one of the best motivational speakers with an African background, he has helped a countless number of people solve problems and find breakthroughs in relationships, finances, careers, and business.
Welcome to Phillip Ramphisa

Phillip Ramphisa uses the principles of African unity, community, self-respect, and the respect of others to help people find their purpose and meaning to succeed.

Phillip also speaks on Environmental Leadership to help corporates create sustainability strategies and participate in the global movement to minimise environmental degradation. He coaches environmental leaders and executives to help them create leadership impact and build brand equity using environmental stewardship and sustainable development as the tool.

From a corporate background, Phillip Ramphisa has also served in senior management positions in several multi-billion-dollar corporations involved in enterprise development and local economic development. He is the author of several best-selling books and holds two master's degrees including an MBA degree from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Phillip Ramphisa offers team building workshops based on African principles and speaks to corporate and public audiences about personal success, leadership and management, change management, corporate culture, environmental leadership, and entrepreneurship.

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Phillip Ramphisa has authored books and developed training material to help people create lasting change in their lives and attain happiness and fulfilment.
See What My Happy Clients Say
Phillip Ramphisa shares his success story with people who want to have lives worthy of living and move from A to B.
Powertools to Success
Phillip shows you how to resolve conflict without losing your cool.
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