Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Get to know Phillip and his journey to becoming one of the most successful motivational speakers in South Africa.

Phillip Ramphisa grew up in a typical rural South African village. Saying his life was difficult is an understatement.
About Phillip Ramphisa

Phillip Ramphisa has faced all kinds of situations in life from feeling sad and empty, to being poor, to having a great and a happy life. This is what makes him stand out as one of the best motivational speakers, giving real life advice. Not only is he an astute Personal Development Expert, he has also been in senior management positions in multinational billion dollar companies and studied Business Leadership as part of his Doctoral Studies, making him a qualified Business Leadership and Management expert. This combination of life background and managerial expertise allow him to have a higher impact to both humanity and business.

As one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa, Phillip creates lasting change to audiences and the clients he coaches. He shows people how to find it within themselves to be happy and successful no matter what their circumstances are. He also helps business leaders create results and higher impact within businesses in which they operate. Phillip Ramphisa believs that, in any business, "Heart, mindset and true passion come before resources, skills and expertise". He has left many audiences transformed as a guest speaker and has spoken in international conferences including the Canada Africa Business Conference. 

Phillip Ramphisa is a board member of many organisations that bring change in people’s lives and bring hope and encouragement through his motivational speaker services. Some of the organisations that he has worked with through applying his guest speaker skills include the Pavement Bookworm Foundation (an organisation that uses the power of books to change society), Project Hope (an organisation dedicated to supporting poor communities through education), and AISEC (an organisation that activates leadership potential in young people in 126 countries with over 70 000 members). Phillip Ramphisa has also Founded Fapro-LA and Triumph to bring his best motivational speaker experience to young people in need in various rural townships across South Africa. Broadening his horizons across South Africa trying to reach everyone in need of his guest speaker services and making him one of the best motivational speakers in South African reaching each corner of the South African minds.

Phillip Ramphisa has authored several books about human motivation and achievement including, Young, Wise and Kick-S as well as, Confidence for Success. His most unique quality is his ability to show empathy to his audience. He knows first-hand what it is like to feel hopeless and depressed by obstacles and negative circumstances, making him one of the most emphatic guest speakers in South Africa.

After years of reflecting on what it took within himself to stay focused, to succeed and be happy, he has found answers and now wants to share his knowledge and passion. Now, he shares these answers with people who want to have lives worthy of living and move from A to B. Despite his success and education, Phillip Ramphisa insists that money and education is not what defines him as he seeks to revolutionalise lives of millions in the world, one step at a time.

Find your true passion
As one of the best motivational speakers and life coach, Phillip helps people find what they can live for and die for. He also provides them with practical tools to transform their lives to live happily and successfully.
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