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South African Motivational Speakers"In an industry awash with inspirational speakers, Philip is the real deal.  We have recently invited him back to give an inspirational lecture to what is possibly the toughest crowd to engage with in the industry: teenagers about to write their matric exams. Like the year before, his warmth and energy forged an immediate rapport between him and his audience that kept them spellbound for the duration of his talk, inspiring a deluge of questions afterwards. No matter your industry or circumstance, Philip makes you realise that any excuses not to succeed are null and void"
Quinton van Rooyen
Geometry Global



South African Motivational Speaker  "Phillip's understanding of people and what it takes for people to succeed equips him with great tools to help people achieve their goals. Drawing from his own experiences and strategies that he used to overcome difficult circumstances, Phillip is able to bring the best out of people with his motivational speaker qualities. Do not wait any longer to achieve your goals and change your life, allow Phillip to share his experiences with you and help you succeed"

Dr. Hlombe Makuluma



Motivational Speakers"I have watched Phillip speak several times. His passion, knowledge of motivational speaker qualities, energy and enthusiasm leaves audiences inspired and provides people with the energy to face life head-on"    

J Motha

                               Chief Audit Executive


Motivational Speaker"Phillip has the ability to show his clients a different way of looking at challenges and obstacles. I have worked with him when I needed emotional strength in my career, his advise gave me courage to make new decisions and change my life, he is one of the best motivational speakers in South Africa"

G Mnguni

                   Sales Manager


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