Have you ever been in a situation where you constantly doubt your abilities and do not feel self-confident no matter how much you try? Maybe there is a goal that you worked on that you did not achieve? Or you have been a home maker for few years and are no longer sure about your career and future. Perhaps you just have negative people around you that constantly drag you down and bad-mouth you.The truth is these can affect your life and sometimes change how you behave and feel about yourself.

Constant down talking from haters can sometimes feel like your reality when you do not rekindle the inner voice of who you truly are. In our lives we constantly have to battle to keep a positive self-image despite their ups and downs. A number of things can affect our self-image. Here is a few of them:

(I) Past experiences – often when we have failed in doing something in the past we are likely to feel like we will fail in the future even though this might not be the case. If your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend was a biker and they ended the relationship badly, you are more likely to get extra careful the next time a biker asks you out for drinks.

(II) The Environment – we behave differently in different environments. How we behave at work is different from how we behave in our homes. Depending on the situation, some environments charge us up and get us excited whilst others require us to have conscious effort to feel positive.

(III) Family and Friends – You must have heard a thousand times that you are as good as the company you keep. Hang around friends who do not care about their weight and eat whatever they want and soon you will start relaxing your health and fitness standards. Our family values affect us, if mom felt strong about dishonesty it is likely that as a daughter or a son you would also feel strongly about it. If family dinner around a table was an important event in your childhood it might just remain that way in your adult life.

There is more to how our self-image gets influenced than what I described above but let us keep it simple for now. The point that I want to make in this article is that it is easy to sometimes lose the true person that you are. As life happens and you do not meet your own expectations and expectations of those around you, your self-image will get affected and you might lose the true and best version of who you are.

To help you remain in touch with who you truly are and who you want to be -no matter how many times you have failed, no matter how messed up your life is right now - I have devised what I call the “thewheelofwhoIam” (read it slowly as the “the wheel of who I am”).
This is a tool that I have devised for you to write down within it all the attributes that define who you are. Write these down and keep as a reminder of your true or ideal characters when days are dark. By way of example I have mine already filled below. Use the empty one and fill personal traits that define your true self. Paste this on your fridge or your office or anywhere so that it is available when you need it. I guarantee you, there will be days when you are not so sure of yourself anymore. Remind yourself who you truly are using this tool and soldier on.




 Please follow this link to download the wheel free and use it as you wish http://digioh.com/em/19290/120024/r6424vadpn?demail=*|EMAIL|*

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